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Homeowner’s insurance is a product that you buy to cover your home against potential disasters. Like every product on the market, you have to be very familiar with it to make certain that you do not purchase something unnecessary or waste money on the purchase. The law states that you must insure your residence for at least 80 percent of its minimum worth, which should not include the value of the land on which it sits. You also have to be engaged and review your homeowner’s insurance annually to make certain that your coverage is satisfactory to either rebuild or repair your home in the unlucky event that it gets caught up in a disaster. Here is what you need to understand about your homeowner’s insurance.

Cash-value Coverage

You might have a homeowner’s insurance policy that actually pays the cash value of the contents of your residence. If you do, you will be sent a check in the amount that your possessions were worth prior to them being ruined in whatever disaster struck your house. Unfortunately, the cash-value coverage fails to extend to what it will cost you to replace all of your lost possessions.

The Declarations Page or Pages

The declarations page or pages is a yearly statement from your insurance company. It is essentially an outline of your yearly premium and coverage. This is a critically important document, so be certain to keep it close to your actual homeowner’s insurance policy.

Full Replacement Cost

In the unlucky event that your residence is utterly decimated, your insurance company is responsible for totally replacing or rebuilding it without making any deductions for depreciation. Getting full replacement cost coverage on personal property is quite reasonable: It is only going to run you an additional 10 to 20 percent more than what you paid for the actual cash-value coverage. Comprehensive homeowner’s insurance will frequently include this full replacement cost in order to repurchase any of the objects in your residence, should they be stolen or get lost or ruined.


Liability is simple: It is insurance to guard you against cases where you accidentally injure somebody on your property.

Flood Insurance

A flood is a disaster that has a greater tendency of occurring more in some parts of the U.S. than in others. As a result, flood insurance is not automatically a part of most homeowner’s insurance policies, even though some people may take for granted that it is. If you live in a flood-prone part of the U.S., then you have to simply buy additional coverage to insure your residence and property against floods. The one way to purchase flood insurance is via the NFIP, which is the National Flood Insurance Program. Unfortunately, this coverage is not even available for purchase in some of the countryís most flood-prone areas so you are really on your own there if you live in a high-risk flood area!

To determine if you live in a high-danger flood area, either contact Allan Kaplan, independent insurance agent based in Wappingers Falls, NY or request a quote to learn the financial investment needed to protect your home.

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