November 19, 2014

3 Time-Tested Ways to Protect Your Credibility As A Businessman

When you have a business it’s easy to drown in the day-to-day management and operations to keep it running. It’s also easy to take your conduct and image for granted when you encounter stress left and right.

But as a business owner, the way you present yourself at all times, affects how your staff gives importance to your business, and how your customers view your business too. If you want to keep your credibility and make your business standout, make sure to do the following as often as you can:



1. Be aware of your words

Nagging doesn’t please anyone. Not your staff and not your customers. So watch your words and how you say it. Instead, opt to give commendation where appreciation is due.

2. Listen to others

Get feedback from staff and customers whenever you can. This will allow you to see the perspective and circumstances of others and make the needed adjustments.

Some call this a habit worth developing, some a strategy. You can call it anything but “listening” will certainly help you understand what a certain term or situation means for others. It will also give you ideas on how to connect with them in a more profound way i.e. how to determine the best benefit your product or service gives to your customers.

The best way to get the conversation going is by asking questions. Then after asking, just zip your mouth and open your ears. You might be surprised at what they’ll have to say.

3. Get updates on new technologies related to your business

Staying relevant is imminent for any business. In order to stay in demand with your customers, you need to be open to new ideas and ways to get in front of them.

Keeping your ears peeled comes in again in this move too. Since you might have staff who’s familiar with the latest technology or development in your industry, and he or she could help incorporate it in your overall business operation or customer acquisition or engagement plans. Or your customers have needs and wants you haven’t heard of before. You might even want to ask them “what they want” in a straightforward manner to discover what will make them keep coming back.

Business insurance, like the ones we here at Kaplan Insurance Agency can help you get, can keep your investments afloat. But your business won’t survive without you. It will also perish without the support of your employees, contractors, and most especially your customers.

So move your business forward by keeping your credibility with these interpersonal skills.

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