August 21, 2014

How to Make Your Home Unattractive To Burglars

New York is among the top 5 US Cities cited by the FBI and National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association as having the highest rates of burglary and property theft in 2013. It’s a great place to live in but it’s not that secure.

Having home insurance gives homeowners added security that they have a good source of funds in case their belongings are stolen but that’s not all you can do, if you’re a NY homeowner.

You can also take small actions that will deter burglars from even considering your home as a likely place they can sneak into.

Close your garage doors

The most common and easiest entry point of burglars is your garage. So close your garage door all the time, especially when you’re not in that area. Closed garage doors also block other things you might have inside your house that could get the attention of burglars. So when it remains closed more often, the less likely burglars will see your possessions from a distance.

Keep your lawn clean

Cut grass gives the impression that there’s often someone at home and burglars don’t often break in when someone’s at home. So mow your lawn regularly even for just this purpose.

Also trimming tree branches and keeping your lawn furniture and tools like ladders not only keep your yard neat but it also prevents burglars from getting their hands on devices they could use to get into your house.

Use double key locks

Securing all windows and doors with heavy-duty doorknobs and locks aside from making sure these are closed all the time, will also make your home unattractive to burglars. When they have a hard time getting in a.k.a. picking the lock, they often just give up and find another house that’s easier to enter.

Don’t keep your valuables in the master bedroom

Burglars are often looking for the small yet expensive items they can easily pick up and run away with. Gadgets, jewelry, and cash are what they like best. And these are the items often kept in the master bedroom so burglars would most often head there first. It’s best if you have a safety deposit box in another room for keeping these items when you’re not at home.

Have a watch program and alarm system

Motion sensitive lights are the first types of alarm system you can put outside. If you’re going to stay out late into the night, you might also want to leave an interior light on to mislead burglars and have them think someone’s at home too.

You can also ask your neighbors, if you have good relations with them to look out for your house while you’re away. But the best watch you could ask for help would be your local police.

Take some time to implement these to make your home more secure. As for your home insurance coverage questions, call or email us.

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