April 21, 2014

How to Protect Your Growing Business

You may have been able to get your small business up and running by yourself but as your business grows, have you made any plans on how you can protect it?

As an entrepreneur, it is inevitable that you’ll need some assistance to fully scale your business. This is the first kind of protection you can have for your business.


You can choose to hire remote or part-time contractors or full-time in-house employees to fill this need. But you still need to find and hire them to get the right people. This might take some time but building a good and strong team will be worth your while in the long run.

In your search for suitable employees, here are 3 things I suggest you keep in mind:

1. Ask the right questions

We’ve all heard of the phrase “first impressions last”, but in a job interview, often that first impression would depend on you, the interviewer, if you ask the right questions. Don’t worry, the Michigan Technological University has a checklist available to make sure you ask proper questions while avoiding any type of discrimination against any applicant.

2. Test them

Depending on your goals in hiring, you can opt to test for skills, personality, behavior, and physical fitness. But remember to test them in at least one of these facets to see if they have the passion, characteristics, and know-how to handle the job and your expectations.

3. Check their records

Again, this is another process you shouldn’t overlook. In smart hiring, do a reference or background check, a document check (of their visa and work permits if applicable). A criminal and credit check wouldn’t hurt either.

Getting star players to back you up in reaching your business goals shouldn’t be tedious but you should really give it some time – time to search via your network and job posts, time to filter the prospects, and time to choose from the good candidates.

The second kind of protection you should have for your business is an insurance coverage. This type of assistance will secure you against instances of theft and/or lawsuits giving you more confidence as you operate your business.

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