April 25, 2014

Should I purchase insurance online or through my local agent?

The internet has empowered all of us to become more educated consumers. Shopping online for many items can also save people a great deal of time and money. So as more of our daily lives go online, some of you may be considering “should I buy my insurance through that website I saw advertised on TV?”. We don’t think so. Buying locally through an agency like Kaplan Insurance is still by far the way to go in our opinion. In fact, many of our new customers are converts who had previously gone direct; but for a variety of reasons, decided they were better served using a local agent.


Here are a few things to consider:

Insurance policies can be complex
It is extremely important to understand what is covered with your policy and what is not.  In many cases, buyers often don’t ever understand what type of coverage  they need to purchase.    Your local agent can help you to not only ensure you have the right type of coverage, but also help you fully understand what you have.   The sad reality for many people is that they don’t know what is covered until they need to make a claim.  At that point, it is too late.

Insurance coverage and laws vary by state
Each state has their own guidelines that can impact insurance coverage.  If you are dealing with a company that is half way across the country there is a good chance they are not well versed on your state’s specific requirements.

Brokers shop different carriers for the best rates
One size does not fit all.   Kaplan insurance can offer policies from over 20 different insurance companies.  We know what carriers are the best suited for the type of coverage you need and who will give you the best price.  The fact that one carrier is affordable for one type of coverage, does not necessarily mean they are the best choice for another type.  Having an experienced agent shop for the best deal will often lower your costs.

We know our customers
When you deal direct you are simply a policy number; each time you call you deal with someone new.  Working with a local agent, however, you will develop a relationship that helps the agent serve you better.  If you have a question, you can come in and talk face to face.

Help you when you need it most – making a claim
We all hope when we buy insurance that we will never need it; but if you do, it is great to have your local agent to help you with your claim.   Your local agent can help you file your claim, find a qualified insurance adjuster,  check on the status of a claim, and much more.  When you are dealing with adversity;  it is very helpful to have your local agent as a resource to help you out.

At the end of it all;  an insurance agent provides you with a great deal of extra value at little to no cost.  In most cases, not only will you have more peace of mind that you are properly protected, but it will also save you money.    If you would like some help reviewing your current coverage, please give us a call at Kaplan Insurance.

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